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How To Implement Ad Tag

Before you can implement Ad tagging from UAd Exchange, You have to make sure you are activated in UAd Exchange. If you already activated, you can follow this very simple steps :

  1. Go to UAd Exchange Publisher Panel by accessing ssp.uadexchange.com
  2. Enter Your correct Account credentials and then click Sign In
    Publisher Panel Login Page
  3. An error message will appear when your authentication failed. If authenticated successed, you will be redirected to Publisher Dashboard Page.
  4. Choose Menu Ad Unit  >> Manage Ad Unit in top menu.
    Ad Unit Page - Generate Ad tag
  5. Click on “Generate Ad tag”  Button and then choose script you want to implement. We suggest you to implement JS Ad tag in your website.

    JS script
    Generate Ad tag - JS
    Iframe Script
    Generate Ad tag - IFRAME

    Image Script
    Generate Ad tag - Image

  6. Enter to your website Source code, then pasting our Ad tag in your right inventory slot.
  7. Access you website to see implemented ad tag result.

If you found problem during implementing ad tag, you can contact us by email to support@uadexchange.com.